Step-by-step instructions for the best results

Mastering the art of skincare is all about understanding the optimal sequence for applying products, ensuring each one delivers its maximum benefit. While you don't need to use every product listed, let this guide serve as a "how to" helping you layer your chosen skincare products in the most effective order. 

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When should I apply my makeup remover? 

At night, begin with a makeup remover. This step is vital for clearing away makeup, dirt, and impurities that accumulate on your skin throughout the day. Starting with a makeup remover ensures your skin is thoroughly cleansed and ready to absorb the benefits of the following products. 

Our community's choice for a flawless cleanse is the 61 | Gentle Cleansing Milk. This gentle yet effective cleansing milk purifies your skin without stripping its natural oils, leaving it soft and refreshed. It's perfect for removing makeup and preparing your skin for the next steps. 

When should I apply my cleanser? 

Then, it's time to use your cleanser. This step is essential for washing away impurities, dirt, and makeup residues that build up on your skin during the day. Starting with a cleanser ensures your skin is deeply purified and perfectly prepped to soak in the benefits of the following products.

Our community's top pick for a thorough cleanse is the 2 | Creamy Soft Mask. This iconic cleanser delivers a deep yet gentle cleanse, leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant in only 4 minutes. It's ideal for eliminating impurities and setting the stage for your skin to fully benefit from the next steps.

When should I apply my skin lotion? 

After cleansing, apply your skin lotion. Skin lotions can help to balance your skin's pH levels, to tone the skin, and to prepare it for better absorption of serums and creams. This step hydrates your skin and can tighten pores, making it an essential part of your skincare order. 

Follow up with the 64 | Silky Soft Lotion to ensure your skin is perfectly balanced and toned. This silky lotion hydrates your skin, making it ready to absorb the beneficial ingredients of the other products. 

When should I apply my eye cream? 

Eye cream should be applied before your serum and your facial cream. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate, requiring special care. Using eye cream at this point helps address specific concerns like dark circles and puffiness while keeping the area well-moisturized. 

Our top choice for eye care, the 1000 | MILLE Eye Cream, ideal for puffiness, and fine lines. This luxurious eye cream provides intense hydration to the delicate eye area, ensuring a bright-eyed appearance. 

When should I apply my skin serum? 

Next, apply your skin serum. Serums contain concentrated active ingredients designed to address specific skin concerns such as hydration, radiance, or firming. Applying serum after lotion can help its active ingredients to penetrate deeply and work effectively. 

Our must-have serum is the 240 | HYDRA’GLOBAL Serum, which delivers intense hydration and refreshes your skin. Packed with powerful active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, this serum enhances your skin's natural hydration. 

When should I apply my cream? 

Follow up your serum with cream. Creams can help to lock in the benefits of the serum and to provide additional hydration and protection. Applying cream after serum helps to seal in beneficial ingredients, enhancing their effects and keeping your skin hydrated. 

The 660 | LIFT’EXPERT Cream is our bestseller of its collection for its firming effects. This concentrated cream provides deep hydration, leaving your skin looking smooth and firm. It seals in the benefits of your serum, ensuring maximum efficacy. 

When should I apply my SPF? 

Finish your morning skincare regimen with SPF. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing long-term damage and helping maintain healthy-looking beautiful skin. Always apply SPF as the last step to ensure it forms a protective barrier on top of your other products. 

Our go-to SPF product, the 391 | UNI’PERFECT Multi-Protection Fluid SPF 50+, offers broad-spectrum protection against UV rays. Its lightweight formula not only shields your skin from sun damage but also maintains your skin's well-being.  

How often should I use my skin scrub? 

Exfoliating your skin with a scrub should usually be done 1-2 times a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, promoting a smoother and more radiant complexion. It also helps other products absorb better. However, over-exfoliating can be damaging, so stick to the recommended usage. This step is essential in the home skin cleaning steps. 

The 66 | Gentle Scrub is our gentle exfoliating scrub, perfect for helping to achieve smooth, radiant skin. It effectively and gently removes dead skin cells, making it an essential part of your weekly skincare cleanse. 

How often should I apply my skin mask? 

Use a skin mask 1-2 times weekly, based on your skin’s needs. Masks provide intense treatment and nourishment, complementing your regular skincare essentials. Incorporate them to enhance hydration, detoxification, or other specific benefits.

Our bestseller mask, the 280 | HYDRA’GLOBAL Thirst-Quenching Mask, provides an intense hydration boost. Use this mask weekly to address specific skin concerns with targeted care.   

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