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Discover the skincare essentials to adopt 

During winter, your skin undergoes challenges due to temperature changes. The result: dryness causing discomfort. 

The solution? Follow our advice, adjust your skincare early in the cold season, and keep your skin supple and glowing.

Seasons change, so do your skin's needs

Woman dry skin

Your skin may feel drier in winter than in summer. This can impact your skin in different ways:

  • Cold air tends to accelerate water loss from your epidermis, leading to skin dryness

  • Therefore, you may notice some changes on your skin : fine lines, redness, and peeling.

  • Your complexion becomes paler and duller. 

To remedy this, apply both hydrating and nourishing skincare morning and night, enriched with lipid-rich formulas to preserve your hydrolipidic film. 

This film acts as a barrier against external aggressors (wind, cold, pollution), limiting the natural water loss of your skin cells. Comfort is felt throughout the day. 

Dry skin deserves better, dry skin deserves NUTRI'VITAL

In winter, the 2 key actions to keep a healthy looking, beautiful skin are to take care and to protect your skin.

Aim for creamy and enveloping textures to provide comfort to dry and dehydrated winter skin. NUTRI'VITAL leaves your skin feeling nourished, comforted and revitalised:

  • Offers a supply of precious lipid elements.

  • Boosts skin revitalization and regeneration.

  • Helps to improve the skin’s self-protection mechanisms in the face of external stress factors.


Apply the 5C | NUTRI’VITAL Serum in the morning. Rich in hyaluronic acid, it restores water reserves, while a unique combination of squalane and vegetable oils retains them within your skin cells. Follow with the 5A | NUTRI’VITAL Light Cream to help your skin better protect itself from external stress factors. 

In the evening, prefer the 440 | NUTRI’VITAL Serum-in-Oil to contribute to regenerating the skin barrier. It can be paired with our iconic 5 | NUTRI’VITAL Rich Cream, both nutritive and revitalizing for deep regeneration. 

Dry skin routine


In case of extreme cold or heavy dryness, adopt the 5B | NUTRI’VITAL Intense Rich Cream. Its formula is catered for sensitive skin demanding even more comfort. 

Once a week, treat your skin to a concentrated active formula with the 480 | NUTRI’VITAL Mask. Its combination revitalizing and regenerating ingredients leaves your skin soothed and comforted. 

Dry Skin Essential

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