The skincare ritual to illuminate your beauty


The skincare ritual to illuminate your beauty

Fine lines, dehydration, dryness, lack of radiance... 

What if an intense life punctuated by stress, fatigue or lack of sleep left its marks on your face?  

 Discover the LUMIN'ÉCLAT skin care range, the ally of choice to enhance your beauty! 

The skin's metabolisms naturally slow down with age, particularly cell renewal and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Then the skin becomes less smooth, less plump and less luminous. 

Discover LUMIN'ÉCLAT, a care programme consisting of 5 products tu use at home and a treatment in beauty salon to get a radiant youthful beauty. 

Its infusion of active ingredients, aimed at fading the visible signs of a hectic life and preserving external stress factors, enhances the radiance of your skin. 

A serum with high-performance active ingredients that reveal a radiant complexion and reduce the visible signs of a busy life.

A silky cream that reduces the visible signs of a busy life, moisturises the skin and reveals its natural radiance.

Treatments duo to meet the specific needs of eye contours marked by intense life.

Night mask for a rested and youthful complexion.

A skin perfecting day cream with a selection of active ingredients that bring radiance and uniformity to the complexion.

The beauty ritual at home steps

Daily: Apply LUMIN'ÉCLAT 340 Serum to the face, neck and décolleté. Then use LUMIN'ÉCLAT 350 Eye Care Duo Day & Night on the eye contour. In the morning, choose 361 LUMIN'ÉCLAT Insta-Glow Cream to complete the ritual, and in the evening, opt for 360 LUMIN'ÉCLAT Silky Cream.

2 to 3 times a week: Apply LUMIN'ÉCLAT 380 Recovering Night Mask in the evening.

Discover the treatment in salon

LUMIN'ÉCLAT TREATMENT instantly revives skin tired by an intense pace of life by giving it back the freshness and radiance of its youth. It smoothes fine lines and refines the complexion, while offering a moment of serenity to the mind and new energy to the skin.

This treatment includes a specific modelling which is a unique combination of pinching, brushing and kneading techniques to preserve the skin's youthfulness and restore its radiance in 75 minutes.

100%* of skin looks visibly smoother.

100%* of the skin looks younger.

100%* of participants feel rested as if after a good night's sleep.

*Results of a user test conducted with 30 individuals (aged 21 to 40) after a single LUMIN'ÉCLAT TREATMENT performed under dermatological control.