Discover the right gestures and active ingredients to avoid a dull complexion

Do you have a dull complexion and don't know what to do? There are ways to restore your natural glow, and the first is to adopt a good skin care routine.

At Maria Galland Paris, our philosophy for beautiful skin is to systematically follow three steps: cleanse, care and protect the skin.

Maria Galland Paris skin experts bring you the right solution for dull complexion with LUMIN'ECLAT. 

Lack of radiance: what can you do?

Women with cleanser on their faces

When we talk about a "dull" complexion, it means several things: 

  • Certain signs of skin imbalance accumulate and prevent the face from reflecting its natural light

  • In the mirror, the skin is dehydrated and fine lines are more easily visible

  • It is tight and loses its suppleness

  • Redness, shadowy areas: it lacks uniformity

  •  ​

The cause: oxidative stress, generally due to your lifestyle (stress, fatigue) and the environment in which you live. Atmospheric pollution, like the blue lights of screens, tend to accelerate the natural process of skin aging. 

Good news! Once you have these elements in mind, you can take concrete action to give your skin back its light. 

How to regain and maintain radiance over time? 

Maria Galland Paris has developed an essential long-term routine whose active ingredients are ideally combined to keep the skin naturally luminous.

The first step is to cleanse the skin properly with a cleansing routine adapted to its specific needs; the iconic 2 Creamy Soft Mask brings clarity to the skin as soon as you wake up.

Then, we choose LUMIN'ECLAT, whose tremendous effectiveness is based on a precious natural active ingredient: the Centifolia Rose from Provence. 

Innovative active ingredients are also infused into the new formulas: hydrating and remineralizing phyto-nutrients restore the skin barrier and an anti-oxidant shield protects the skin from free radicals. 

For immediate action, Photo-Perfecting technology illuminates the skin and blurs irregularities.

Don't forget to complete your morning routine with the UNI'PERFECT fluid to protect your skin from the sun. 

More than a skincare routine, it is a real skinvestment strategy : a long-term investment in your skin, which restores its ability to reflect light. 

For even better results, complete the routine with a treatment in one of our salons. 

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Our application tips

In the morning, apply 2 Creamy Soft Mask for a few minutes and in the evening, proceed with a two-step cleansing with 60 Fresh Cleansing Gel and 64 Silky Lotion.

In the morning and evening, apply 540 LUMIN'ECLAT Beautifying Serum, which leaves an ultra-light veil of light and fills the skin with moisturizing and softening ingredients.

Next, use the 560 Crème Sublimatrice, which provides the skin with moisture and a luscious appearance, or the 561 Crème Perfectrice LUMIN'ECLAT in the morning, whose slightly pink formula beautifies the complexion by giving it a velvety appearance.

Don't forget the 550 LUMIN'ECLAT Duo Eye Care, which makes the eye contour area light up.

Once a week, exfoliate your skin with 66 Gentle Scrub followed by 581 LUMIN'ECLAT Ultimate Perfecting Mask. In just a few minutes, this rich treatment with its voluptuous texture plunges the skin into absolute comfort and gives it a radiance boost.

And don't forget that relaxation and sleep are also excellent allies against tired complexions and foggy mornings

The complete routine for a radiant complexion