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respectful skincare

Born and grown in 1962 under the guidance of our founder, skincare experts and skin therapists, Maria Galland Paris carries in its core a strong knowledge of skin needs, core ingredients and essential regimens. Maria Galland Paris upholds the philosophy of its founder: "I believe in the intelligence of our needs".

Maria Galland believes that beautiful skin comes from care and respect over time. That is why each woman should be able to provide her skin with the goodness of a non-invasive routine from the start, ensuring the best skinvestment all lifelong.

Maria Galland opens this approach and precious knowledge, enabling each woman to decode her skin and code her personnal skinvestement solution, turning passing time into the best ally for her beauty.

Respectful with the skin, respectful in how our products are developed, sourced and manufactured. Respectful with our partners, creators, beauty therapists and all persons who come in touch with our products.


For all women who want to offer their skin non-invasive and respectful solutions for a personal beauty solution.


Demanding and selective training of beauticians, who become ambassadors in sharing and perpetuating the Maria Galland method.


Une formation exigeante et sélective des esthéticiennes qui deviennent ambassadrices pour partager et perpétuer la méthode Maria Galland Paris.


The power of touch, the “golden” hands of our partners and expert movements to offer unique moments of relaxation.


Respectful formulas for short and long term benefits that prolong the result of the treatment.

Unveil the unique beauty of every person

8 000 Saloon and Spas, 50 Countries



Because a close working relationship between Maria Galland Paris and its partners is essential, our mission is to identify your specific needs so that we can provide you with optimum support in developing your salon or spa.

Strengthen your expertise

Boost your business


Set yourself apart from your competitors with a made-to-measure treatment experience

Offer exclusively manual treatments

Stand out from the crowd with a full, 360° diagnosis

Become an ambassador of exceptional dermatological expertise

Unveil the unique beauty of every  person


Boost your digital visibility

Optimize the excellence of your client journey

Acquire new consumers and generate traffic to your salon or spa

Exploit the potential of your clients to a maximum

Enrich your product, business and communication skills with ongoing training

They trust us and talk about us

Since 1962, Maria Galland Paris has been offering its expert vision of  beauty in salons and spas.

Choosing Maria Galland Paris means choosing a professional brand with sustained momentum and committed to its partners.To date, the brand is represented in more than 8000 beauty salons and spas, in 50 countries, thanks to our ambassadors.