526 The Infinite Shadow Pen

This long-lasting pen dresses up the eyes instantly. Its creamy, melting texture makes application easy and intuitive.


Both eyeliner and eyeshadow, this long-lasting 2-in-1 stylo enhances your look instantly. Its creamy, melting texture enables easy and intuitive application. The lines drawn in just a few quick movements can be blended immediately after application, for a softer effect that still maintains the intense look.

Ingredients list

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Application method

For a pencil effect, use the point of the stylo to draw along the contours of your eyes.
For an eyeshadow effect, apply all over your eyelids. The two colors have been designed to complement each other, so feel free to use them together, e.g. one on your upper eyelids, the other along the lash line of your lower eyelids.
Consider using 526 Eyeshadow Primer to improve adherence.

Tailored treatment

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