820 Glow-Perfecting Powder

A powder foundation gathering care and makeup. Gives radiance to the skin for a naturally radiant complexion.


Infused with hydrating actives, the 820 Glow-Perfecting Powder gives radiance to the skin. Thanks to its light but covering texture, all the imperfections are corrected for a more even complexion.

To improve the skin condition on the long-term, applying make-up products containing caring actives is a real asset. Day after day, the skin stays hydrated and is more and more radiant.

Active Ingredients

Ingredients list


    Preserves the hydration of the skin and makes it soft.


    Protects the skin and gives it a beautiful radiance.

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Active Ingredients

Application method

1. Swirl gently across the face with the Kabuki for a natural look.
2. To perfectly cover the uneven skin parts or small imperfections, apply a few layers on top of each other for a better coverage.

Tailored treatment

Restore your skin’s natural beauty with a Maria Galland Paris Facial treatment.

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