We create the movement for respectful skincare

Respectful skincare

We believe that beautiful skin comes from care and respect over time. Each skin deserves the goodness of non-invasive routines and gestures from the start, ensuring the best skinvestment all lifelong.

Respectful formulations

Respectful with the skin, respectful in how they are developed and manufactured, our products are formulated to bring the highest quality and safety one can expect from skincare products. 

Focusing on essential actives and ingredients, whose effectiveness is proven to bring the best short and long term benefits, there are no promises, just results.

Adopt an essential regimen

Depending on life, age, emotions, skin might need different combinations of products and actives over time, to reveal the best of it.

We focus on a simple customized regimen to ensure the best benefits for the skin, on both short and long term basis. Cleanse, care and protect: this simple consistency will bring the best results over time.


Each Maria Galland Paris product carries a

number. The coding was elaborated by Maria

Galland to classify the products according to the essential steps of the routine, and to provide each woman with her unique code. Through our deep diagnosis built on extensive skin knowledge, we help each woman to decode her skin and to code her tailor-made solution.



Going for the bold way, Maria Galland dedicates her young years to exploring how to improve skin condition. She convinces doctors, dermatologists, physiologists, to co-create a new movement for skin care. In 1962 she opens her Maison in Paris and executes the iconic Masque Modelant application.

I believe in the intelligence of our needs.: today we perpetue the vision of our founder to go further in the movement for respectful skincare.

Commited for trust

We commit for what you need and expect from us: respect, quality, safety. It is a question of trust, and this how we do it at Maria Galland Paris since our creation. Respect means everything to us, in everything that we do and with everyone who comes in touch with our products. We do not over promise, we build a long term movement with you. We change and innovate for good, as we aim to constantly improve and bring the best for your skin.