We create the movement for respectful skincare

Respectful skincare

We believe that beautiful skin comes from care and respect over time. All skin deserves the goodness of non-invasive routines and gestures from the start, ensuring the best lifelong skinvestment.

Respectful formulations

Respectful with your skin. Respectful in their development and manufacture. Our products are formulated to bring the highest quality and safety expected from skincare products.

Focusing on essential actives and ingredients proven to bring the beset short and long term benefits. No empty promises. Just results.

Adopt an essential regimen

Depending on your life, age and emotions, your skin might need different combinations of actives over time.

We focus on a simple, customized regimen to ensure the best benefits for your skin, in both the short and long term. Cleanse, care and protect: this simple consistency will bring the best results over time.


Each Maria Galland Paris product carries a number. The coding was elaborated by Maria Galland to classify the products according to the essential steps of the routine, and to provide you with your unique code. We help you decode your skin and code your tailor-made solution.



Blazing a bold trail in the early sixties, Maria Galland dedicates her early years to gathering extensive knowledge on how to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. She convinces dermatologists, chemists and physiologists to join her in co-creating a revolutionary new approach to skin care.

In 1962, she opens her first beauty institute in Paris and creates the iconic Méthode Mosaïque Modelante. This marks the dawn of a new movement for skin care.

"I believe in the intelligence of our needs." Today we perpetuate the vision of our founder to advance the movement for respectful skincare even further.